Author: Pratishna Engineers | Published on : 30 Oct 2021


Explore Versatile Applications with Pratishna Engineers’ Injection Moulding Machines. Our cutting-edge technology serves a wide array of industries, from Automotive Battery Parts to Bathroom Accessories, Beauty Salon Products to Bottle Caps, and beyond. We specialize in providing tailored solutions for various needs, including Electric Items, Drip Irrigation Parts, Electric Switches, Medical Equipment Parts, and Mobile Case Making. Whether it’s Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, or Household items, our machines ensure precision and efficiency in every production cycle. From Interlocking Plastic Block Making to Plastic Spoon Making, from Syringe Manufacturing to Toy Making, our range covers diverse manufacturing requirements. Trust Pratishna Engineers for high-performance machinery that fuels innovation across industries.

Some of our applications of our products include:

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